Li-Ren Hou, Kuan-Ling Huang, Shu-Fan Lee, Chun-Feng Liao, and Li-Chen Fu, “Detection and Assessment of Abnormal Circadian Rhythm by Analyzing Rest/Activity Cycle,” in Proc. ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (CME2014), Taipei, Taiwan, June, 2014.
Kuan-Ling Huang, Ya-Hung Chen, Chun-Feng Liao and Li-Chen Fu, “Daily Health Assessment System Using Prediction Model for Self-rated Health by Vital Sign Pattern,” in Proc. IEEE Healthcare Innovation Point-Of-Care Technologies Conference, Seattle, Washington, USA, 2014.
Paper Title: 「Unifiable Preference Expressions for Pervasive Service Composition」
Paper Title: 「Message-Efficient Service Management Schemes for MOM-based UPnP Networks」
Paper Title: 「A Cloud-based Accessible Architecture for Large-scale ADL Analysis Services」
恭喜廖峻鋒、鍾亞文獲IEEE Transactions on Service Computing錄取Regular paper
恭喜徐國鐘、陸敬互獲IROS 2010 錄取poster presentation
恭喜張馨之、廖峻鋒獲ACM ICPS 2010 錄取 Full paper
恭喜廖峻鋒、張馨之獲ICOST 2010 錄取 Short paper
恭喜黃雨喬、楊宗翰、陸敬互獲ICOST 2010 錄取 Full paper
廖峻鋒 受聘於逢甲大學資訊工程學系擔任專任助理教授
論文題目:「Unifiable Preference Expressions for Pervasive Service Composition」
恭喜蕭稟哲榮獲 2011 CHeSC(Cross-Domain Heuristic Search Challenge)競賽第二名
陸敬互 受聘於元智大學資訊傳播學系擔任專任助理教授

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