• 2009/08/09 “Awarded First Place in PMC Home Service Robot Competition”


The Robot Group has been focused on

  1. Autonomous Robot
  2. Human Robot Interaction

Our goal is to make robots capable of providing services in the real environment and improving interactions between robots and human. The mobile robot research has gained lots of attention since the breakthrough both on algorithms and hardware. Therefore, we want to push it further, and make robots more intelligent to deal with the real world problems. In order to introduce robots to the near future, the robots must have the ability to interact with people. As a result, our research also focused on H.R.I. and AI, so the robot could understand the human intentions and infer the proper reactions.

 Tour Guide Robot - NTU 1  Home Robot - Julia  Assistive Robot - Johnny


  1. Robot Vision
    Our group have been focused on robot vision system because we can get rich information from cameras.
    1. Object Recognition
      Upper Limbs Tracking / Gesture Recognition / Human Detection / Face Recognition
    2. Visual SLAM
      Simultaneous localization and mapping with monocular camera
  2. Mobile Robot System
    We cooperate with Advanced Control Lab of EE department ( Also Prof. Fu's Lab ).
    1. Control System
      Robot Navigation / Behavior Control / Path Planning
    2. Mapping and Localization
      Simultaneous Localization and Mapping(SLAM) / Localization
  3. Human Robot Interaction
    1. Knowledge Base Reasoning
    2. Reinforce Learning


Ph.D. Student

曾士桓 Shih-Huan Tseng (2007- )

Master Student

俞冠廷 gtyu(2010- ) 
牟偉豪 kusogray(2010- ) 
廖建科 chienke(2011- )
許元翰 Hank(2011- )


黃國禎 s2kip(2009-2011 ) 
楊典修 Tien-Hsiu Yang (2008-2010) 
余嘉淵 oeoeoeooeo (2008-2010)
郭維楨 Macaca (2007-2009)


International Conference

  • Chi-Pang Lam, Chen-Tun Chou, Kuo-Hung Chiang, and Li-Chen Fu.
    “Human-Centered Robot Navigation—Towards a Harmoniously Human–Robot Coexisting Environment,” Robotics, IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) 2010
  • Cheng-Kai Lin, Li-Chen Fu, Tian-Hua Liu.
    “Design and Implementation of Nonlinear Speed Controller with Adaptive Backstepping Sliding Mode Control Technique for an IPMSM Drive System,” Proc. of SICE 2010 Annual Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, August, 18-21, 2010.
  • Kuo-Chen Huang, Jiun-Yi Li, Li-Chen Fu.
    “Human-Oriented Navigation for Service Providing in Home Environment,” Proc. of SICE 2010 Annual Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, August, 18-21, 2010.
  • Jen-Te Yu, Cheng-Kai Lin, Li-Chen Fu, Tian-Hua Liu.
    “Adaptive Backstepping Servo Control for IPMSM Drive Systems with MTPA - An Implicit and Symbolic Computation Approach,” Proc. of SICE 2010 Annual Conference, Taipei, Taiwan, August, 18-21, 2010.
  • Kuan-Ting Yu, Chi-Pang Lam, Ming-Fang Chang, Wei-Hao Mou, Shi-Huan Tseng, and Li-Chen Fu.
    “An Interactive Robotic Walker for Assisting Elderly Mobility in Senior Care Unit”, in Proceedings of the IEEE Workshop on Advanced Robotics and Its Social Impacts (ARSO 2010), Seoul, Korea, October 2010.
  • Jia-Yuan Yu, Shih-Huan Tseng, Kuo-Chen Huang, Li-Chen Fu, and Hsiang-Wen Hsieh.
    “Hierarchical Vision-based Localization using Conspicuous Objects for Robots in Home Environments”, Computer Vision, Graphics, and Image Processing, 2010
  • Wei-Jen Kuo, Shih-Huan Tseng, Jia-Yuan Yu, and Li-Chen Fu.
    “A Hybrid Approach to RBPF Based SLAM with Grid Mapping Enhanced by Line Matching”, IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2009
  • Kuo-Hung Chiang, Chi-Pang Lam, Wei-Jen Kuo, Chen-Tun Chou, Jia-Yuan Yu, Tien-Hsiu Yang, Shih-Huan Tseng and Li-Chen Fu.
    “Attentive Entertainment Robot in a Smart Home Environment”, International Conference on Automation Technology, 2009
  • Yu-An Peng, Shih-Huan Tseng, Jia-Yuan Yu, Li-Chen Fu, and Shyh-Roei Wang.
    “Vision-based Global Localization of Large-Scale Indoor Environments with Hierarchical Map”, Workshop on Image Processing, Computer Graphics, and Multimedia Technologies, National Computer Symposium, 2009

Master Thesis

  • Kuo-Chen Huang.
    “Simultaneous Localization and Scene Reconstruction with Monocular Camera”,Master Thesis, 2011
  • Jia-Yuan Yu.
    “A Flexible Feature Selection Strategy for Improving Bearing-only SLAM”, Master Thesis, 2010
  • Wei-Jen Kuo.
    “FG-SLAM” A Hybrid Approach to Grid Based Mapping Enhanced by Geometric Features”, Master Thesis, 2009
  • Peng Yu-An.
    “Vision-based Global Localization of Large-Scale Indoor Environments with Hierarchical Map”, Master Thesis, 2008

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